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Shelf Awareness Starred Review

"The trick of Death in the Family is that Wegert is not only in control of the book's allusive material, but she has freshened it by fusing it with a contemporary thriller's grit." Read more

The Big Thrill Interview

"The novel, in the mighty tradition of Agatha Christie, weaves a gripping tale that twists and turns in the wind, leaving the reader collecting clues in hopes of solving the mystery: what really happened to Jasper Sinclair." Read more

BookRiot Podcast

"If you are into new mysteries that are a little bit more procedural, then this is a pick for you...I was easily sucked in." Read more

BookPage Review

"Author Tessa Wegert’s debut is impressive in its scope...Death in the Family marks a bold beginning to an addictive new series." Read more

Ridgefield Press Article

"Darien local goes from marketing to mystery with debut novel." Read more

Darien Times Review

"Murder fans get ready to settle into your seat, Wegert’s plot will keep you rooted in place until the final enthralling page." Read more

PopSugar 25 Brilliant New Books

"Death in the Family by Tessa Wegert is an Agatha Christie-esque thriller with a deadly twist."  Read more

Criminal Element Review

"I look forward to future books exploring Shana’s troubled personal history, her burgeoning self-confidence in her new job, and her tentative professional partnership with Tim Wellington." Read more

Crime by the Book Review

"Tessa Wegert has crafted an utterly irresistible modern-day mystery that is deeply indebted to the great “locked room” puzzles of the past." Read more

The Nerd Daily Review

"I can’t wait for the opportunity to watch Shana Merchant work again! Is there a way to physically force an author to write faster? Asking for a friend…" Read more

Publishers Weekly Review

"Fans of golden age closed circle murder mysteries will enjoy this effective update." Read more

Booklist Review

"This locked-room thriller has all of the requisite tangled motives and deductive crime-solving, along with a riveting introduction to edgy survivor Shana and Tim, her steady, easygoing foil."