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The secret door

I was tipped off to an article today that’s really worth sharing. The Poynter Institute has published a collection of writing tips from Pulitzer Prize winners, sourced from a recent seminar hosted by the journalism school. Every one of them is a gem, but here are a few of my favorites – useful not just for journalists, but writers of all kinds.

On story structure:

“Plant the kicker — the end of a story — higher up and circle back at the end.”

On the value of observation:

“You can have something right in front of you, and you can think that you’re good at seeing things, but you miss everything.” Tom French, Indiana University’s Media School

On keeping readers on their toes:

“…At the very last sentence, I stick in a knife, just a little twist.” Leonard Pitts Jr., the Miami Herald

On finding that coveted nugget of truth that makes your story unique:

“These stories are like old houses, rambling old houses…and you have to find the secret door into your story.” Diana K. Sugg, The Baltimore Sun

You can find the full article here.

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