Short stories, long on value

shortstoriesI’m a big fan of short stories – both writing them and reading them – so this recent Medium post by writer and educator Hannah Kowalczyk-Harper caught my eye. As we continue to spend more time on our smartphones and tablets than our desktops, short-form content is really relevant to our daily lives and in increasingly high demand. As Kowalczyk-Harper points out, though, there are many other benefits to writing short fiction, from gaining the trust of readers who might one day pick up your novel to tossing around story ideas. Take a look at the full list here, and support a new author or writer you love by picking up a short story today.

2 thoughts on “Short stories, long on value

  1. Hannah Kowalczyk-Harper

    I just stumbled upon this and am so flattered that you mentioned my article on short stories. I hope we convinced a few people to write some!

    Hannah Kowalczyk-Harper

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