Why interactive narratives are the new news


I’ll admit I’m a glutton for the words interactive feature. After watching multimedia long-form content come of age, starting perhaps with The New York TimesSnow Fall back in 2012, I’m of the mind that photo galleries, maps, videos, and infographics do a story good. Could these elements distract the reader from the writing? Yes, but the Web is an inherently distracting medium. If you’re going to be distracted, the content may as well be useful.

I think – and hope – we’re going to see this trend continue to migrate to digital books. Authors and publishers are already creating Pinterest boards and custom Spotify playlists and incorporating them into their novels, enhanced e-book style. It won’t be much longer before readers expect more than words alone.

For more on the growing popularity of interactive features, and links to some really great ones, head over to The Digital Media Curator.

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