Bigfoot, Santa Claus and a new mobile game for readers and writers


There’s a new app on the market for the word-obsessed. Vocabulary.com has launched a smartphone game that modernizes the dictionary of old by using guessing games and storytelling to help make words stick. Players are presented with a word and several possible definitions. When they make their choice they’re given the correct meaning along with its etymology, often tying the word to a real-world or popular culture event in an effort to give it greater meaning.

As a mobile game, the app is great: you rack up a score as you play, and can earn virtual prizes that keep you motivated. As a dictionary alternative, it’s downright terrific. Vocabulary.com is onto something with this approach to learning…how could one possibly forget the meaning of a word when it’s presented in the context of Bigfoot or Santa Claus?

You can read more about the app here. It’s currently available for iPhones and iPads for $2.99.

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