Social Media

In the age of the skim, personal brands are at risk

A few days ago, The Verge posted a story on the gulf that exists between sharing online content – through Twitter, Facebook, what have you – and reading it. Researchers have found that social media users aren’t properly consuming the articles they tweet before they tweet them.

Many of us access online content through our mobile devices, which aren’t conducive to long reads. We’re also in what some have aptly named the “age of the skim”; only a small percentage of consumers read through to the end of the articles they come across online, while the rest “bounce” off to the next thing before they even begin. Still, there’s a problem with this trend. The things we choose to share online reflect our preferences and tastes. A story share is typically perceived as an endorsement of that story’s utility or worth. Opting to retweet a piece without first reading it is like recommending a book to a friend based only on the dust jacket blurb.

In other words, tweet with caution. It’s better to share too little than too much of the wrong thing.

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